Cable Operator

In order to compensate their loses cable operators must increase the prices for their services or essentially decrease the number of channels in their packages, said “” the president of the biggest cable operator in Ukraine – the group of companies “Volia” (Kyiv) Sergey Boyko.
According to his words regardless the fact that the inflation level in 2014 was 25%, the prices for their services have not been increased.
Respectively, there are two ways for the cable TV to compensate its loses.
In the first half of this year to raise the prices by 25-30% with a possible increase in the second half of the year by 15-20%. The second option: significantly reduce the number of pay channels in the packages, first of all – imported, the cost of which is tied to the currency “, – said the president of Volia.
According to the State Service of Ukraine, the reduction of cable television market in the country in 2014 was 4.8%.
According S.Boyko’s words, this figure is caused by three main reasons: the annexation of the Crimea, as a result of which the cable market has lost about 200 thousand subscribers, another 250 thousand subscribers are disconnected as a result of hostilities in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. In addition, 1% of the total number of cable TV subscribers (4.5 million) have switched to satellite or IPTV / OTT technology platforms.
In general the loss of the Ukrainian cable TV market in 2014 in real terms, according to various estimates, amounted to 10-15%.