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Nearly half of Ukrainians use Smartphones


By January 2016 nearly half of Ukrainians from 18 to 50 years will use Smartphones as means of communication. Such a conclusion, according to LEAD9 marketing agency, was obtained by the employees of Kyiv Institute of Sociology. For today this figure is 41%, and it reaches almost 60% in the age range from 18 to 30 years.

The most popular among users are Smartphones designed on Android system. They are favored by 57% customers. The next position of popularity with the same 15% is shared by iOS and Symbian operating systems.

The overwhelming majority of Smartphone users (72,5%) download various applications by means of mobile Internet network. There are mainly social networks (82%), gaming applications (52%) and navigation software (41%).

The statistics data were obtained by the Institute of Sociology in terms of questioning over 2 thousand people aging from 18 years. The research was conducted during February of current year all over the country, except for the territories out of reach for Ukrainian authorities.