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The Government of Moldova banned Russian channels


The authorities of the Republic of Moldova supported the draft law on banning broadcasting of Russian TV channels the grid of which contains news or information and analytical programs.
This law is aimed at protecting the information environment of the Republic against propaganda of other countries. That new passed law specifies the rights and capacities of the CCA (TV Broadcasting Coordination Council of Moldova).
News and information and analytical TV channels’ programs, transmitted to the territory of Moldova, were suggested by the government to replace by the programs of domestic production, 80% of which had to be made in the official language (Romanian). But this limitation doesn’t apply to the programs of the channels coming from those countries that had ratified the EU Convention on Transfrontier Television, what wasn’t made by the Russian Federation.
For violators of the new law there will be applied a graded punishment: fines within 1500-2500 euros, suspension of broadcasting for a month or up to licence revocation. The channels violating the law will be also subject to warnings or fines of up to 270 euros.