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Knyazhytsky: TV channel Inter is owned by Putin

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Such a statement, according to the NBN edition, was made by Nicholay Knyazhytsky, the People’s Deputy of the party Narodnyi Front (People’s Front), during the meeting of the Conciliation Board, held on June, 15. Knyazhytskyy assures that according to the information available to him, the offshore companies, which own the TV channel, are indirectly owned personally by the Russian president.

The Verkhovna Rada’s session held on June, 16 was to be inaugurated by considering the draft law №1831 on publishing media owners and the state strategy in television and radio communications, which wasn’t considered during the past week session.
It was that draft law, suggested by Vladimir Groisman, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, to start the plenary work.
Not so long ago the TV channel broadcasted an Dmitry Firtash’s interview, done by Dmitry Kiselev. Firtash told he was the TV channel’s owner.
The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council has recently extended license to the TV channel Inter. The regulatory authority repeatedly made warnings to the channel for violating the Ukrainian  communications laws, in particular for broadcasting concerts with the involvement of Russian artists exhibiting anti-Ukrainian position.

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