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Apple Music and Radio Beats 1 start functioning in Ukraine

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A new music service is available to Ukrainian Apple users.
The iOS updated version made available to Ukrainian users of iPhone and iPod 5 Touch the new resource Apple Music and the new version of the application Music, as AIN  reports. The service can be purchased by subscribing for $4.99.
There is a family package, allowing to six subscribers to use a directory of music and radio channels, provided by Apple just for $7.99. And that’s not all that the iOS 8.4 version can please the Ukrainians with.
By specifying preferred styles and trends in music, it is possible to receive collections of music, arranged by Apple experts according to the stated preferences. Apart from its own experts, the collections will be also arranged involving magazines and web sites like The Grand Ole Opry, XXL, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and others, well-known in music community.
A pleasant surprise for Ukrainian owners of Apple devices became the option of receiving radio Beats 1. 24 hours a day, three studios located in Los Angeles, New York and London broadcast on air. The Apple’s own Radio, i.e. Apple Music, is a completely unique collection of radio stations, where you can listen to the music of any style and direction: from classical to funk, from indie rock to folk.
The new service allows you to create your own radio, by choosing your favorite music and adjusting the radio. Thanks to Apple Music the selected songs will sound more often.
On top of everything else, the service offers an opportunity for personal contact of fans with musicians on the page Connect.
A great variety of music can be listened to just now via iTunes online or offline. People can enjoy the new service during three months for free and without subscription. By the autumn, the Apple designers promise to make their music application available to the owners of OS Android devices.

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