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BRT Concern is eager to become a digital TV operator

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The Broadcasting Radiocommunications and Television Concern (BRT) will engage in it, once obtained the license from the National Council.

BRT Concern expressed its readiness to construct digital TV broadcasting networks, as UNIAN informs.

According to the State BRT Concern, the company is ready to start the construction as soon as it receives the license. Thus, as the Ukrainian state-owned operator, it ensures the integrity of the country’s information space.

BRT Concern has also applied for a calculation of 440 frequencies for broadcasting entities. After completing this process (supposedly in autumn) the National Council will engage in issuing the license to the State BRT Concern, as to a multichannel digital network operator (or provider).

We shall recall that in late January of this year, the BRT Concern suggested postponing the transition to the digital. In late May, Yuriy Artemenko, the Chairman of the National Council informed that Ukraine had not been prepared for introducing the digital, and in early June, the regulatory authority officially announced the analog shut-off postponement.

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