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Discovery finds a legitimate way to remain in Russia

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The Media Alliance Company will be engaged in distributing pay-TV channels of the US media group Discovery.

According to the agency RIA Novosti, the Discovery Communications and the Russian media holding National Media Group, owned by Yury Kovalchuk, will establish the Media Alliance Company to deal with distributing TV channels of the US media group in Russia.
We shall recall that in late July this year, the Discovery Communications acquired all the stocks of the TV channel Eurosport.
LLC Media Alliance will be involved in managing and distributing 11 Discovery’s TV projects, complying with Russian laws. The company will be run by Olga Paskina, the Country Manager at the Discovery Communications for the North-East Europe.
Setting up this joint venture will allow Discovery to continue operating in Russia without breaking the country’s laws. We shall recall that due to the amendments to the laws of the Russian Federation, starting next year the share of foreign companies in the Russian mass media shall not exceed 20%.

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