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Openbox S3 Mini HD is a new satellite HD set-top box


This autumn, the Sat Systems Company will supply the market with a new set-top box for receiving satellite TV, i.e. Openbox S3 Mini HD. This is stated in the press release, a copy of which is available to Mediasat.

The information message says that the heart of the new receiver is its dual-core processor ALI3511. It is a state-of-the-art 32-bit double-chip (Dual-Core) with memory support DDR2 / DDR3 and variety of integrated modules including DVB-S2 demodulator etc.
Thanks to this processor it was implemented the IPTV support, so now the users of this set-top box can receive content directly from the Internet without any antenna. The set-top box has also implemented convenient switching between the lists of satellite and IPTV channels.
The Openbox S3 Mini HD is also equipped with DLNA Render technology, which allows displaying the content on a TV-set from a Smartphone or tablet.
The menu and remote control of the Openbox S3 Mini HD set-top box follow the evolution but not revolution principle with respect to the previous models. Therefore, the owners and installers of Openbox equipment can easily install the new model.
The corporate mode Dual Display allows displaying images simultaneously to various outputs with different resolutions (HDMI – 1080p, modulator or CVBS – 576i). So, it is easier to connect several TV-sets to the set-top box, as stated in the press release.
Is is also pointed out that the supply package contains a special bracket for mounting the set-top box on a wall or behind a TV-set. The Openbox S3 Mini HD has also implemented the support of USB-Wi-Fi adapters. Along with it, the Sat Systems Company assures the implementation of support of 3G-modems in the near future.