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Three set-top boxes Openbox for terrestrial digital television come to the market this autumn


This autumn, the Sat Systems Company, the owner of the trademark Openbox, will introduce to the market several new set-top boxes at once, for receiving digital terrestrial TV programs. This is stated in a press release, a copy of which is available to Mediasat.

It is reported specifically that this autumn the users will be able to buy the models Openbox T2-04 and Openbox T2-04IR, i.e. modern devices for receiving open channels of digital terrestrial TV in DVB-T and DVB-T2 standard, in SD or Full HD quality.
Easy and high-speed operation, excellent characteristics, rich picture and easy-to-use remote control are the criteria to estimate both set-top boxes.
Openbox T2-04IR has a built-in audio decoder Dolby Digital, as well as provides for an option of mounting it on the wall or behind a TV-set, but this model will be somewhat more expensive.
The press release points out that the third set-top box for the terrestrial digital TV will be Openbox T2-05S. Its distinctive feature is the signal demodulator by the Japanese company SONY.
This small chip allowed bringing the set-top box’s signal sensitivity to a new level, unattainable for competitors.
Near the transmitting center and provided the line-of-sight coverage of a TV tower, it may be low relevant. But very often the viewers have to pick up the reflected o poor signal, and there are also more factors. In all these situations a very important role is played by the set-top box’s sensitivity. Openbox T2-05S allows continuous watching favorite programs, even in the most complicated situations, as stated in the press release.
Read more on the web site of the manufacturer: www.openbox.ua