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Radio industry in Ukraine: results of 2015


The last year results evidence the stability of positions, the growth of listening niche radio stations and radio “Pyatnitsa” (Friday). The main trends in 2016 are the development of online radio and FM-radio stations on the Internet.

The Cross-industry group “Radio Committee” unveiled data of the fourth wave of radio listening study in 2015, which was last run by the GfK Company. We shall recall that the tender for radio measurement studies in 2016 was won by the research company “TNS Ukraine”. The radio listening survey was conducted from October 5 to December 6, 2015. It involved the Ukrainian residents living in municipal communities exceeding 50,000 people and aged 12-65. The sample covered 12,205 respondents.
The fourth wave of the study supports the trend in 2015 in coverage growing and maximum filling advertising units of the niche radio stations (“Vesti”, Relax, Lounge FM, DJ FM). The further development of Ukrainian radio requires increasing its penetration on the Internet, because this trend becomes more and more popular.
“The main trend in 2016 should become the prudent use of the potential of the radio stations’s own resources (web site, social networks, YouTube and others) for self promo, additional communication with regular audience, attracting new audiences and increasing its loyalty” – as Anna Zhukovskaya, the Chair of the “Radio Committee” assures.
Compared with the same period in 2014, there increased a part of the audience aged 25-44. The coverage leaders still remain “Hit FM”, radio “Chanson”, “Russian Radio Ukraine”, “Lux FM” and “Retro FM”.


In 2015, the radio station “Pyatnitsa” (Friday) started operating and showed a rapid growth. This success, as explained by Anna Zhukovskaya, is due to the well thought-out concept and the large number of Ukrainian showbiz stars starring as presenters. In terms of ranking, it moved from the fourth position to the third one, leaving behind the “Russian Radio Ukraine” and Radio ROKS. The radio is behind the station “Hit FM” and “Radio Chanson”.

Radio-industry-in-Ukraine-results-of-2015-2In general we can say that the industry goes on growing, and the most striking examples of this are the following last year’s events:
• The tender for studying radio listening and selecting a new contractor “TNS Ukraine”;
• The contest “Ukrainian format”;
• The First International Industrial Conference “RadіoUA”.