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“1+1 Media” launches VoD platform

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The service offers the entire content of the media group’s TV channels.

The “1+1 Media” Group launched the OVVA TV service offering free access to its own content. Now the content of the Ukrainian media group is available on a new VoD platform.
We shall recall that the Holding Company incorporates channels like “Unian-TV”, “TET”, “1+1”, “2+2”, “Plus Plus”, “Bigudi”, “Ukraine Today” and “1+1 International”.
The service makes available videos of different genres:
• news and analytical programs: “TSN”, “Breakfast with 1+1”, “Top Secret”, “Special Reporter”, “Right to rule”, “Money” and others;
• video collections: “TET on the Internet”, “Jedi. Road Warriors”, “Mad Video a la Ukrainian”;
• entertainment serials and programs: “Shopping Goddess”, “Mess”, “What? Where? When”, “Half Life”, “Make Comic Laughing” and others;
• serials and shows: “One day near Poltava”, “Country U”, “Vitalka” “In-Laws”, “Mistress”, “Voice” and “Voice. Children”, “League of Lough”, “Fairy Rus”, “New Inspector Freimut”, “World inside out”, etc .;
• cartoons: “This is ours and yours”, “Useful Hints”, “Masha and the Bear”, “Masha’s Fairy Tales”;
• gaming content: “DOTA”, “WOT”, “Hearthstone”.
At the same time, the Media Group launched the SUDUM service. It is similar to the YouTube Content ID system, which assists copyright holders in finding their content on video hosting and administering it, but this service just deals with searching for the Media Group’s content over the Internet.

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