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“Ukrinform” and “UA TV” expect significant changes

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The Ministry of Information Policy plans to improve the operation of the agency and TV channel.

Alina Frolova, Advisor to the Minister, told about the plans of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine for 2016, as reported by “Ukrinform”.
The authority will deal with spreading positive information about Ukraine abroad. For that reason, two main resources of the Ministry chaired by Yuri Stets will be subject to some changes.
Thus, according to the Mininformpolitiki’s plan, the state-owned news agency “Ukrinform” will expect as follows:
• running its web site in Chinese (in February), French (in May), Polish (in November) and Japanese (in December);
• running a photo-bank with the option of purchasing images online (in July).
According to Mrs. Frolova, the agency’s revenues will double this year, compared with the same period in the past year.
The Mediasat reported before that the news agency passed to the jurisdiction of the Mininformpolitiki in June of past year.
The International Broadcasting TV channel “UA TV” expects more significant changes:
• later this month, the channel will launch new programs of Ukrainian production, as well as it will partially modify its format;
• in March, a high-quality English editorial office will be formed;
• in April, it is expected to increase the number of contracts with cable networks up to 20;
• in June, the Ukrainian International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform will be restarted; it is expected the creation of a new studio and a new content of the TV channel;
• in July it will be launched an individual web site of the “UA TV” channel;
• in August it is scheduled a full launch of the international reporters network;
• in October, it is planed to increase the number of contracts with cable networks up to 55;
• in November, it is expected to increase the viewership of the TV channel “UA TV” due to the start of its broadcasting via another communications satellite.
The list of the communications satellites the “UA TV” can receive signal from, was posted by the Mediasat before.

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