Home Television “Viasat Ukraine” migrates from the satellite Astra 4A to Amos 3

“Viasat Ukraine” migrates from the satellite Astra 4A to Amos 3

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The satellite TV provider “Viasat Ukraine” changes its orbital position and broadcasting parameters.

March 1, the DTH-platform “Viasat Ukraine” migrated form the satellite Astra 4A (4.8°E), owned by the Luxembourg company SES, to the space vehicle Amos 3 (4°W), which is incorporated into the constellation of the Israeli company Spacecom. The corresponding information is released on the official web site of the “Viasat Ukraine”.
“01/03/2016 the settings of the Viasat satellite TV are changed. To continue watching satellite channels, the subscribers should enter new settings”, as stated in the announcement.
We shall point out that for its operation via new space vehicle the “Viasat Ukraine” applies two frequencies, previously used for broadcasting by the satellite operator Xtra TV.

We shall recall that the DTH-platform “Viasat Ukraine” is administered by the company Vision TV (owned by the Modern Times Group), which obtained a satellite TV content service provider license at the National Broadcasting Council in 2007. The distribution of signal is carried out in an encoded form by applying the conditional access system Videoguard. It is possible to receive signal only on the provider’s models of receivers made by the companies Samsung and Strong.
Late last month, it became known about the plans of the “1+1 media” to buy from the Swedish Media Holding Modern Times Group the satellite platform “Viasat Ukraine”. The deal value, according to various estimates, could be about USD 15-20 million.

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