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Legal adult TV channels become available to VOLIA’s subscribers


The company VOLIA reports that the TV packages available under subscription are completed by one more optional digital package “Nochnoy” (Night) starting from March 11.

The launch of this package became possible due to the decision of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine dated December 30, 2015, which put TV channels Erox HD, Playboy TV and Erotica TV on the List of channels, the content of which met the requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, and the rebroadcast of which was not limited in Ukraine. According to the regulatory authority, the nature of the channels’ telecasts is erotic (but it does not contain any pornographic elements), so the channels Playboy TV, Erox HD and Erotica TV are available in the “Nochnoy” package only from 00:00 to 4:00 am, as required by Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Public Morality”.
The company VOLIA, in turn, is fully aware of its social responsibility and will adhere strictly to the principles confirmed in the Memorandum of Protecting Minors in Providing Content Services: the channels are retransmitted only at night in the separate “Nochnoy” package, which is available for subscription exclusively to people over the age of 18 years. Moreover, the integrated “parental control” function allows parents blocking access to these channels and protecting children from viewing unsuitable content.
We welcome the decision of the National Broadcasting Council, as one of the important principles of a democratic society is freedom of information, confirmed in Article 10 of the Convention on Human Rights. The start of the “Nochnoy” package allows our subscribers watching high quality legal content by leading international producers”, as stated by Sergey Boyko, President of VOLIA.