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Ukrainians prefer Pay-TV and are interested in VoD

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The Nielsen Company conducted an online survey of 30,000 respondents in 61 countries, including Ukraine, to find out the audience’s attitude to the video on demand paid service (VoD).

According to the company’s press release, a copy of which is available to Mediasat, 67% of Ukrainian respondents prefer enjoying pay-TV services (satellite or cable).

Among the Europeans, the figure was 65%, and among all respondents it was 72%. By the way, 94% of Estonian residents are not about to start enjoying services offered by satellite or cable TV providers by giving up linear television.

According to the study, only 8% of Ukrainian respondents enjoy services of paid video services. In Europe, the number of such users is slightly higher, i.e. 11%. The highest percentage of VoD supporters was recorded by the Nielsen Company in the North America, i.e 35%.

Despite a high percentage of video services’ subscribers in Ukraine, the online poll results evidence growing penetration of these services into the society: 74% of Ukrainians are not going to give up pay-TV service providers, but 26% of them are ready to opt for VoD.

62% of respondents enjoying VoD services state that they watch paid content at least once a day. Among the European TV viewers preferring to pay for audio and video files, the figure was 38%.

Let us also remark that 89% of Ukrainians prefer viewing content on PC, 54% on mobile phone and 40% on tablet.

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