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Georgia experiences an increasing number of satellite TV subscribers

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Satellite TV enjoys enormous popularity in the country.

Most Georgians prefer watching TV through the satellite signal reception. This is reported by the “Digital Report” referring to the results of a study presented by the Luxembourg SES Company.

The satellite operator conducts an annual Satellite Monitor Research in 37 countries covered by the SES spacecraft’s signal. It results it estimating the broadcasting growth all over the world. It should be noted that Georgia was involved in the company’s analysis for the first time.

Thus, according to the report, 1.2 million Georgian families (or 97% of the Georgia’s population) have a TV-set, of which almost half has HD-devices. 440 000 Georgian households (35%) directly enjoy satellite TV services, and the rest ones enjoy cable TV or IPTV services. As the SES believes, the number of satellite TV subscribers will go on growing in the country.

According to the SES, a similar situation exists throughout Europe, i.e. 71% of households prefer satellite TV. In general, according to the company’s information, its services were subscribed by 317 million families, or almost 1 billion people. It should be also remarked the increase in number of subscribers opting for HD TV-sets. At present, the number of such households has increased up to 78% in Europe.

As the Mediasat reported before, due to acquiring a controlling stake in the company O3b Networks, the SES would significantly expand its satellite constellation.

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