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On June 1, the TV channels TET and 2+2 start additional broadcasting on the satellite Amos-3 (4°W).

Previously, the TV channels TET and 2+2 broadcasted via the satellite Astra 4A (4,8°E), which remains the main source of TV signal for the terrestrial and cable broadcasting networks, as well as for the satellite subscribers.

The signal duplication of the TV channels TET and 2+2 on the satellite Amos-3 will allow countering more effectively the signal jamming of these TV channels on the satellite Astra 4A, as well as will provide a gradual move of TV channels of the “1+1 Media” Group to the new satellite Amos-6.

“The reliability of delivering quality signal to the TV audience is one of the key assignments of the TV channels’ distribution. Due to the persistent external interference in satellite signals of the Ukrainian TV channels, including the ones incorporated into the “1+1Media” Group, this signal replication is an auxilary duplication action. At the same time, we look forward to launching the new satellite Amos-6, which we are planning to use for putting our and affiliate TV channels from own uplink”, as commented on by Yaroslav Pakholchuk, COO at “1+1 Media.

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