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Second wave of radio listening data: the higher income of Ukrainians, the more active their radio listening



The Cross-industry group “Radio Committee” published data of the second wave of radio listening study in 2016, run by the TNS Ukraine in Ukrainian cities with population of over 50,000.

The permanent leaders of the first two quarters of 2016 still remain “Hit FM”, “Chanson”, “Lux FM”, “Retro FM” and “Russian Radio Ukraine”. The top 5 coverage leaders are also represented by “Avtoradio Ukraine” and by “Radio Pyatnitsa in terms of rating.

The survey was conducted from April 4 to June 19. It involved the Ukrainian residents living in municipal communities exceeding 50,000 people and aged 12-65. The sample covered 10,299 respondents.

According to Natalia Chernets, head of “Radio and Press” at GroupM, the new wave of study shows that the radio stations gain more and more interest of radio audience, as proved by growing coverage and average radio listening. First of all, this is due to the radio audience aged 20-49 with an income above the average.

Compared with the first wave of this year, there increased a share of audience with an average monthly income of UAH 7,000-10,000 and above.

The best radio fans are men with 54.7%, and the share of women is 45.3% respectively. The radio audience also shows a high rate of car owners, i.e 57.3%.

Natalia Chernets draws attention to the fact that, against the last year, the new wave evidenced a radio listening growth, both in general, and on nearly all radio stations. According to her, a small fall of some niche radio stations (radio Relax, radio “Vesti”, Lounge FM) is caused by a variety of seasonal interests of radio audience.

Vasily Kozhemyakin, Senior Media Planning and Procurement Expert on radio Publicis One, states the steady leadership of “Hit FM”: “This is a radio station with favorite songs of young people from 90s, which grew up with them, studied and fell in love. Today, these people represent the most solvent audience, and therefore the most interesting one for advertisers”.

In terms of coverage, its positions were managed to hold by radio “Lux FM”, which was ahead of “Russian Radio Ukraine” and radio “Chanson” in the previous wave of study.