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Google “painted” a portrait of a Ukrainian YouTube user

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Google presented on its blog a portrait of the average YouTube user living in Ukraine.


Today, YouTube video service is very popular among Ukrainian Internet users. At present, YouTube’s monthly audience all over the world is one billion visitors. 400 hours of video are “uploaded” to the platform every minute.

At the same time, the growth rate of YouTube in Ukraine exceeds the global one. While the world’s annual increase in viewing time equals to 50%, this figure in Ukraine is 70%.

55% of all Ukrainian Internet users visit YouTube every day. These are generally young people aged 16-24 years, 70% of which consume YouTube video content daily. Once per month, the video platform is visited by 83% of Internet users.


The Google’s study states that recently, Ukrainian users have been increasingly using mobile devices to view videos on YouTube. So, 49% of the service’s users do it on their smartphones.

Ukrainian YouTube users watch video mostly at home, i.e. 96%, 18% do it in their office, school or other educational center, and 20% on their way or elsewhere outside the home. The study showed that 59% of YouTube users watch videos on the service in the evening or at bedtime.


YouTube intensifies the struggle for the TV audience’s interest from year to year. According to the study, 26% of YouTube users aged 25-44 watch video on the service more often than TV. 31% of those users stated they started less turning on the TV after discovering YouTube.

The most popular video categories among Ukrainian users are recipes, music, humor, news and TV shows.


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