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Google’s Plans in Television

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Google doesn’t believe in the End of TV, as Benjamin Faes, Google regional managing director, announced on IBC-2016. Moreover, it has great plans on TV based on mobile revolution. We are connected to our phones and this tends to grow. In average person spend 177 min per day on his phone checking it more than 150 times. The most popular and the fastest to grow are Android devices. 1,5 million Android devices were activated every day during the last you. Meanwhile, there is global increase of 8% in video minutes consumed per day.

These are the facts Google’s strategy is based on. Growth of mobile, growth of Android, growth of video consuming.

Mr. Faes named the main steps Google making to this direction. YouTube is integrating in different devices, trying to cover most of them. Improving of search of shows is very important to make customer happy with the service. Advanced ads technologies , Sky Ad, are used to monetize viewing.

As a case study, fully integrated video of debates before the elections in the US: second screen to check related content in internet, possibility to ask questions, etc.

On the IBC-2016, Google and Ericsson announced their partnership, Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform will integrate with Android TV ecosystem, Google’s set-top-box operating system.

Will Google’s plans on TV compete Pay TV OTT services? Alexey Kurakin, Digital Screens (Ukraine), considers: “It’s not a competition of platforms, but of content. We talk about different monetization models. The advantage of Pay TV platforms is an exclusive content. Right holders are not ready to provide premium content for free on YouTube. If Google TV, Pay TV, will manage to get it, that’s OK, but it will be the same model of paid service as which Netflix or other platforms are based on. The only advantage Google may use in the competition is applying of Google search in its favour”.

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