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CTC Media Holding is preparing to close its own sales house in the coming year

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EvereST-S sales house owned by CTC Media can be closed in 2017.

It has been known that  the relationship model with advertisers will change. Prior to the beginning of the next year, CTC Media and other companies will be able to sign the contracts on advertising at their channels on their own. However, later the part of the company can be passed to the National Advertising Alliance.

Hovhannes Sobolev, the general director of the NAA, recently told about this. He noted that in the case if the sales house will continue its work CTC Media may have some troubles.

It should be noted that the National Advertising Alliance is a new single TV advertisement seller.

At the same time, Sobolev noted that in the case of refusal from sales houses CTC Media, as well as a number of other companies, will have the opportunity to deal with presale and other projects.

It is known that CTC Media holding owns CTC, Che, CTC Love and Domestic TV channels.

The First Channel, Gazprom-Media, VGTRK and National Media Group participated in the joint creation of the National Advertising Alliance. The purpose of the NAA was holding the balance between TV broadcasters and advertisers, as well as compliance of rights and interests of the television industry in general.

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