Home Business Volia company purchased two providers in Melitopol

Volia company purchased two providers in Melitopol



22 thousand households connected to cable TV and internet access in Melitopol became the assets of the company.

As it has been known, Vivanet Internet service provider and TV-Pont cable TV provider are purchased Melitopol companies.

Gyorgy Zsembery, the General Director of Volia company, told about successful fulfillment of the transaction. But the amount of this transaction was not disclosed. According to Zsembery, 22 000 of households came under the service of Volia company. At the moment, the Melitopol providers have not made the rebranding.

On last Thursday it became known that during the last three years Volia has made technology investments in the amount of UAH 700 million, and has invested UAH 500 million in the content.