Home Telecommunication The majority of Ukrainians buy smartphones for social networks

The majority of Ukrainians buy smartphones for social networks

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The large study held by Nielsen “Mobile shopping, banking and payment” gave a clear picture why people almost can not easily exist without a smartphone in the hands.

This was announced by the company’s press-service.

Thus, 54 % of respondents said they could not imagine their life without a smartphone, and 72 % of them stated that mobile devices make their lives better. 43 % of respondents prefer network communication rather than a live, and 27 % prefer to write but not to call.

80 % responded with confidence to the question “What did you do with a mobile device in the past six months?” that they were communicating in the social networks.

“In today’s digital world where news, online shopping, banking and entertainment are available 24/7 using all kinds of mobile devices the fear of fall out of the information field is understandable phenomenon” – so Nielsen representatives commented on the situation.


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