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Video advertising on the Internet attracts more audience than the best Russian TV channels

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Fast and steady growth in the number of Internet advertising is directly proportional to increase the number of network audience. That was reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

So, basing on ImhoVi data, advertising saturation on the network increased by 24 % during the first six months of 2016. By the end of this year, the total amount of advertisement placement transactions will be more than RUR 6.3 billion.

To date, such resources as Youtube, Yandex, Google, Mail.ru and Vkontakte left behind a number of leading Russian television channels by the advertising turnover taking away most of the television audience in the age of 12-44 years.

The main engine of this progress is the massive swamping the market by devices with Internet connection, as well as Internet high speed and accessibility.

Dmitry Krapivnitskii, the head of video advertisement department in “Realweb” agency, told his opinion on changes in advertisement development.

“During 2012-2014 the leading players in terms of spending on television advertising segment actively entered the market. Given the low base effect, this led to two-fold increase of the market every year. Today, the pharmaceutical industry, everyday consumer goods, real estate, telecom operators and vehicles are among the leaders of spending” – said the expert.

In the first part of 2016 Youtube, Gazprom media digital, ImhoVi, Yandex, Mail Group, as well as a number of major online movie theaters, were the main leaders in the advertising turnover.

“This significant market growth was possible due to several key trends. Thus, the technology of programmatic video equipment procurement became widely spread. Thanks to this it is possible to segment the audience not only by age and sex, but also on the basis of marital status, interests, income level, – said the expert. – Online formats available on the network are the same important advantage of video advertisement. Thanks to them, it is possible not just to put the redirecting banner at the top of the video screen, but also add an element of interactivity – to engage in the game, to motivate to go to a separate microsite. On average, all this increases the contact time to 5 minutes, which is in principle impossible for the classical TV advertisement. Right now a cases are realizable where the users can order the product or service directly from the video and contact the manager via the messenger”- said Krapivnitskii.


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