Home Business Just a Quarter of Consumers Enjoy Legal Content in Russia

Just a Quarter of Consumers Enjoy Legal Content in Russia

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A very small part of the Runet audience enjoys legal content, but its market share is growing.

In 2016, of the 88 million Internet users, only 22 million preferred legal product. These data was made public by the Ministry of Communications. At the same time, this is a progressive result, as the number of the official product devotees increased by 22% against the previous year. Moreover, the number of people using legal content increases at 4 million people year by year.

The total volume of markets with e-payment is RUB 2.27 trillion, which is 2.8% of Russia’s GDP. The very content market is RUB 1.58 trillion, and this amount is 17% higher than in 2015. The online video market will pass the previous figures by 20% by year end, amounting to RUB 4.56 billion.

“We believe that economic troubles served the good turn to the industry. In our area, the labor efficiency has grown by near 20% in two years. This is due to the fact that the staff growth remained frozen for some time, and the industry grew by 40%”, as stated by Alexey Volgin, Deputy Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation.

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