Home Business “Media Group Ukraine” Resumes Sponsorship Sales through its own Sales House

“Media Group Ukraine” Resumes Sponsorship Sales through its own Sales House

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From next year, the “Media Group Ukraine” will reactivate sponsorship sales on the media resources through its own sales house, as stated in the company’s press release.

The sales will be effected by the Sales-house’s Sponsorship Department.

Until October 2016, the sponsorship sales on the “Media Group Ukraine”’s channels were effected by the CMS Agency that cooperated with the Group on exclusive terms since 2012. With the start of sales-house, the cooperation with the CMS will continue, but no longer on the exclusive terms, but on the standard ones.

“All the recent structural changes in the “Media Group Ukraine”’s advertising business are aimed at improving efficiency of cooperation with our partners. Within the single “Media Partnership”Sales House we combined direct sales of TV advertising, sales of advertising in the newspaper “Segodnya” (Today) and on the website Segodnya.ua, as well as advertising in the magazine and on the website of the global brand Vogue in Ukraine. A natural continuation of this process is an active entry of our sales house into the sponsorship market. The synergy of all activities allows us to provide customers with integrated multimedia solutions. That makes sense when a client gets the full range of services from single source, as it is convenient both to customers and media resources themselves”, as stated by Yevgeniy Lyashenko, CEO at “Media Group Ukraine”.

The feedback was also provided by Julia Kostetskaya, CEO at “Media Partnership” Sales House.

“One of the main goals of the “Media Partnership” Sales House is to provide service to our customers by a single high standard, offering the full range of advertising facilities in top-rated resources of the “Media Group Ukraine”. Sponsorship projects sales is a sought-after service that requires unconventional prompt solutions, and in addition to direct advertising it is highly demanded by advertisers. That is why it was decided to concentrate all the advertising and sponsorship sales in our own sales house. The advantages for customers are quite obvious: these are a single sales strategy, transparent pricing, offering and implementing multimedia projects”, as explained by Mrs. Kostetskaya.

The Sales House’s Sponsorship Sales Department will be chaired by Tatiana Voznyuk who previously performed the same duties at the Discovery Ukraine, as well as was a client development team leader at the “1+1 Media” Holding.