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DIVAN.TV Runs an Updated iOS App as an Alternative to Piracy

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The international OTT TV service DIVAN.TV ran a free iOS app, aimed at legalizing content and fighting against piracy services.

That new DIVAN.TV app is free to download in the App Store as from November 16, 2016. The inspiration for designing a new app version was the idea to simplify to the full the access to content, so that users would wish to withdraw from the pirate trackers towards official resources. All the content is available for free during the test period.

“Our DIVAN.TV app for iOS-based devices grants access to legal content anytime and anywhere in the world. We want people to ask themselves: “Why should we turn to pirates, if we can get a lot more from legal market players”, as commented on by Arkadiy Kanyuka, Executive Director at Divan.TV.

The app’s new design notably simplifies orientation within the service. The updated video library got new categories like “Show” and “Cartoons”.

It was also added a new option in the “TV Archive” area, i.e an ad slot can be skipped with a single click.

Furthermore, the new app allows creating personal home cinema, since the “Catch Up” feature makes movies and TV series available always .

For “Kyivstar” subscribers, there is no charging in mobile 3G network all over Ukraine. All the service’s features are free of charge and available after registration or authorization by the existing login.

“We designed the most user-friendly application. Its design took into account previous interface defects and customer preferences. We are currently working on several simultaneous projects, so that DIVAN.TV would be soon available on other platforms”, as remarked by Evgeniy Kutsarsky, Product Director at DIVAN.TV.

Let us recall that earlier DIVAN.TV announced its presence on the platforms Sharp Smart TV, Haier Smart TV and Hisense Smart TV in Ukraine and another 200 countries around the world.

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