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Vodafone Ukraine Grows its Revenue and Subscriber Base

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The mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine reported on the financial and operating results in the third quarter of 2016.

Thus, according to Q3 results, the operator increased its revenue by 11.2% year-to-year, and it amounted to UAH 2.86 billion.

At the same time, Vodafone Ukraine also evidences a subscriber base growth. As of late September of present year, the number of subscribers to the network services accounted for 20.8 million people, which is equal to 2.7% of growth over the year, or plus 500 thousand subscribers.

The quarterly report also states that for the time being, the Vodafone Red tariffs are used by over five million subscribers.

In the third quarter, the operator managed providing 3G services to half of the country’s population. Before year-end, Vodafone plans to ensure the geographic coverage of 54% of the country.

The operator also remarks that the demand for voice services keeps on steady, and the use of data transmission services increased in 2.6 times over the year.

The mobile Internet traffic grew by 163% during the period within September 2015 and September 2016. The data services in the Vodafone network are enjoyed by over nine million people, and 7 million of them use the third-generation mobile internet.

“Today we can positively talk about a new service consumption model. Our subscribers are moving gradually from voice to data. This is no longer accidental or occasional consumption, since people got accustomed to use mobile Internet regularly and a lot, so the traffic is growing. Having obtained a 3G license, we have invested in 3G building a record amount on the market, i.e. UAH 6.011 billion. We laid a great groundwork, and our network is built fundamentally with large capacity redundancy. We have ambitious building plans for the coming year. This means that we are prepared to a boosting demand for 3G services of our returning and new subscribers”, as commented on the quarterly operation results by Olga Ustinova, CEO at Vodafone Ukraine.

Previously, their Q3 operation results were presented by the companies “Kyivstar” and lifecell.

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