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HD TV Channels Start Broadcasting within Kyiv Digital Network

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Two TV channels in HD format started operating within Kyiv digital terrestrial broadcasting network. Another one will start broadcasting on December 1.

Kyiv audience receiving digital terrestrial TV signal got an option of watching two TV channels in HD standard, these are news channels “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne.

“112 Ukraine” broadcasts in DVB-T2/1280×720 format, within the national digital terrestrial TV network operated by the “Zeonbud”. The TV channel is registered on channel 43, frequency 650 MHz.

NewsOne in HD-quality started operating in DVB-T/1920×1080 format, within a multi-channel experimental digital TV network, operated by the “Era Production” Company.

From own sources on the TV market, the Mediasat also found out that on December 1, Kyiv digital airtime will be completed by one more channel in high definition format PravdaTUT, to be the third of this kind.

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