Home Business Radio Frequencies Go Up in Price by Near 500 Times in Ukraine

Radio Frequencies Go Up in Price by Near 500 Times in Ukraine

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Ukraine will soon experience growing prices of radio frequencies by many times, as the UBR reports.
As it turned out, the prices would increase by 500 times, and 1MHz would cost 20 thousand hryvnas instead of 40 hryvnas for telecom companies.
The relevant amendments to the Tax Code were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada the day before. At the same time, the tariffs for mobile operators will grow even higher, up to 23 thousand hryvnas.
“Ukraine has the highest price of radio frequencies in the world, taking into account license fees and radio frequency fees with annual indexation. These conditions can hardly be called favorable to investment in the telecom infrastructure development. However, such a rapid growing rent rate can be a setback for business development. On the other hand, radio frequencies are a limited natural resource. So, the introduction of a raising factor mechanism will contribute to their reasonable use, as it will allow getting gid of excess frequencies”, as clarified by Viktoria Pavlovskaya, Press Secretary at Vodafone.

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