Home Business “Microsoft” Tells how Ukraine Became a “Serene Harbor” for Pirates

“Microsoft” Tells how Ukraine Became a “Serene Harbor” for Pirates

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Ukraine has a rather weak legal framework in the area of copyright protection and Internet anti-piracy. This was reported in the UBR portal’s interview with Nadezhda Vasilieva, CEO at “Microsoft Ukraine”.

In her opinion, the pirates migrate to countries where there is a possibility of the least harassment by law enforcement authorities. For the time being, Ukraine is the perfect place for piracy, and this fact consecutively not only harms the rights holders along with content and software distributors, but also creates a negative image of a “piracy hotbed country” on the international stage.

Nadezhda Vasilieva argues that today, Ukraine has about 82-83% of pirated software, while the global moderate level is 36-37%.

“There is no country in the world, where the penetration rate of pirated software or content would tend to zero. However, this figure is too high in Ukraine. Ukraine requires near 80 years to conquer piracy, since the illegal content in the Ukrainian cyberspace decreases by 1% annually”, as the CEO of the “Microsoft Ukraine” explains.

Today, just Israel and Asia can boast of the lowest piracy level. There, this figure does not exceed the mark of 1-3%. And this is all due to a balanced legislation that allows for earning not only to content producers, but also to rights holders, distributors, operators and various Internet services.

Mrs. Vasilyeva invites Ukraine to base on the laws of the USA and Europe, or at least to “peep at” the Internet anti-piracy legislation of our nearest neighbor Georgia.

The CEO of the “Microsoft Ukraine” also pointed out that the number of hacker attacks on the Ukrainian sites was increasing every year. And those attacks were launched from all over the world. Within the greatest risk zone, there are the Internet resources of governmental authorities, as well as all the computers running on the outdated operating system Windows XP.

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