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USA Calls “Vkontakte” Pirates, and Ex.ua Close-down a “Potentially Positive Development”

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US report on intellectual piracy was completed with a new list of resources, as the TASS informs.

Thus, the updated blacklist of portals was presented a short while ago by the United States during trade negotiations at Cabinet level (USTR).

The social network “Vkontakte” was the first presented in the report.

“This is one of the most popular web sites in the world and is extremely popular social network in Russia and neighboring countries. As reported, the VK boosts spreading content that violate copyright”, as it was stated in the report. At that, any quoted source was not specified.

In addition to “Vkontakte”, the Office of the US Trade Representative has serious claims on a number of other portals. For example, this is the music portal MP3VA.com, which, according to the USTR, is located both in Russia and Ukraine. The book web sites Libgen and Bookfi also stick a bull’s eye on their back. Then, the blacklist includes the resource Rapidgator.org, as well as the well-known and large-scale torrent tracker Rutracker.org. There is also the game web site Myegy.to site.

Surprisingly, at the same time the speakers said that the anti-piracy gained a considerable momentum in Russia, including “Vkontakte”, which has already managed to sign contracts with major recording companies. Moreover, the social network has limited the access of foreign applications for downloading illegal content.

“One of the most positive developments” mentioned in the report was the close-down of popular resource ex.ua, which hosted different content. The USA even removed the Ukrainian portal from the blacklist, threatening, however, to bring it back in 2017, if the portal does not fulfill the promise, implicit in its close-down statement.

Putting any resource on the blacklist has no force or effect, but public bans can draw the attention of governments and markets, and they, in turn, can do as they think fit.

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