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Xtra TV Mixes Satellites



The satellite TV operator Xtra TV started broadcasting new channels, launched a new package, as well as added broadcasts form a new orbital position.

December 21, Xtra TV subscribers obtained access to the new package Xtra Mix. It includes 39 channels of different thematic orientation like educational, movies, children’s, entertainment, and other TV channels. The price is 129 hryvnias/month.

The platform Xtra TV broadcasts  47 channels, including 10 of them in HD-quality. Among them there are channels of the groups like FOX, Discovery, National Geographic, Viasat, Sony, as well as Football 1, Football 2 in HD-format, and others.

As of December 21, most channels within Xtra TV packages are distributed through the additional satellite Eutelsat 9B (9°E) in the standard DVB-S2/MPEG-4. Some channels are still available to receive from the satellite Astra 4A (4.8°E). For encoding, it uses two conditional access systems like Conax and Verimatrix, as we reported before.

The telecom satellite Eutelsat 9B was successfully launched into orbit in late January of present year. After conducting tests in orbit for several months, in March, the Eutelsat Company announced a full operation of the above space vehicle. Eutelsat 9B represents a great interest for the Ukrainian TV market. Its services are already used by the “Media Group Ukraine”, which started simultaneous broadcasts of its channels from the above orbital position in November of present year.

Let us recall that the satellite platform Xtra TV and the video service OLL.TV are incorporated into the holding “Media Group Ukraine”.