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Ukrainian Cyber Police Bans a Card Sharing Service

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In Kyiv Region, the officers of the Kyiv Cyber Police Division stopped the illegal operation of a pirate card sharing service. This is stated on the web site of the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

The officers of the Kyiv Cyber Police Division in cooperation with the investigative unit of the Obukhiv Police Office in Kyiv Region took actions to detect and stop the activities of criminal organizations in the city of Obukhiv, engaged in providing connection to the pirate TV services.

As a result, the cyber policemen identified a group of individuals who illegally obtained access codes to pay TV channels and established a municipal provider for connecting people to pirate TV and earning money over the recent two years. At the moment, there were located around 500 people with illegal TV broadcasts arranged by the above “businessmen”, who repeatedly received money in the amount of about 3 thousand hryvnias.

The conducted searches detected dozens of satellite receivers with modified software, computer equipment and flash drives for software modifications, network equipment for settings, as well as draft notes and instructions for the above equipment.

According to the results of relevant expert assessments, the “fail businessmen” will be served with offence charges of copyright and related rights violations, as well as unlawful interference with the working of systems and computer networks. The penal part of the above articles provides for up to 6 years’ imprisonment. The period to this case shall be finally put by the court.

“Messages from the rights holders about card sharing services, located in the territory of Ukraine, are regularly coming to the Cyber Police Department. They detect illegal interference with their telecom networks’ operation resulting in broadcasts and rebroadcasts of copyright items without any required consent of the legal copyright holder. This criminal activity causes the rights holders’ important monthly financial losses, and in most cases destroys their telecom networks”, as the Cyber Police remarks.