Home Business “Lanet” Agrees with all Media Holdings, except for “Inter Media Group”

“Lanet” Agrees with all Media Holdings, except for “Inter Media Group”



The Ukrainian operator “Lanet” struck a compromise of all key disputed issues with media groups (simultaneous signing of contracts, block distribution of channels in the social package, placing channels on initial buttons, non-linking license conditions in the cable TV and OTT, etc.). This was stated in the social network Facebook by the CEO of “Lanet” Marian Ivasyuk.

In order to encourage the media groups to compete in 2017, the cable network “Lanet” will rebroadcast channels of only 3 of the 4 media groups. Based on current TV viewing ratings, the group that did not get the nod is the “Inter Media Group” (9 channels like “Inter”, “NTN”, “Mega”, “Enter-Film”, “Pixel”, “K1”, “K2”, “Zoom” and “EuroNews”). The TV channels of the StarLightMedia, the 1+1 Media and the “Media Group Ukraine” remain in the network and will be available to “Lanet” subscribers.

“Following the reform-minded amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” (Specifying Terms and Conditions for Broadcasts of TV and Radio Companies under the Must-Carry Obligations)”, aimed at liberalizing economic relations among the cable TV market players, we decided to back up the competition among the major media groups and to offer additional opportunities for independent TV channels”, as Mr. Ivasyuk specified.

Marian Ivasyuk also pointed out that at the request of the “Inter Media Group”’s distributor, during the holidays (until 10 January 2017) the group’s TV channels will go on broadcasting within “Lanet” network.

Let us recall that providers previously declared that the media groups issued them ultimatums.

In early December, the Ukrainian media groups made public the price of rebroadcasting their channels within pay-TV networks. The amendments entered into force on 1 January 2017.

The agreement with the media groups was also announced by “Triolan”, so that it introduced a fee for the cable TV as from January 1.