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VOLIA Reaches an Agreement on Rebroadcasting Channels of all Media Groups

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VOLIA states that it has stricken a compromise with TV groups to go on broadcasting national TV channels.

Given the fact that as from 1 January 2017, the must-carry list (UPU) will be shortened and the national commercial channels should pass to the contractual relationship with providers, the service provider VOLIA announces reaching an agreement with all Ukrainian media groups. This is featured by the “Detector Media”.

VOLIA assured that no changes would affect its customers, and the popular channels would remain on the screens in the New Year’s Night and in future.

“We have found a compromise with all the media groups. The teams from both sides have been still polishing contractual relationship, because it is always a lengthy process. The audience should not worry, but I am talking only about our company’s subscribers, and not about the audience of other companies, since they should think it over, where, why, and for what money they buy the product”, as pointed out by the Marketing Director of VOLIA Victoria Tsomaya.

According to her, the company together with the media holdings will actually fight against distributing pirated content.

“According to our agreement with the media groups, they will take piracy seriously and we provided for processes that will prevent our company from situations where we are the only business that works under contracts and transparently, and all the rest of the market works in “gray” or “dark” zone. That will be disallowed both by us and the media groups”, as she stated.

Let us recall that the largest cable operator VOLIA stated before that it would be able to cut off all-Ukrainian channels.

The agreements with the media groups were also announced by “Lanet” and “Triolan”.

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