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StarLightMedia Channels Change Satellite Broadcasting Parameters

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Beginning from 2017, the TV channels STB, Novy Channel, ICTV, M1, M2, QTV, incorporated into the StarLightMedia Group, will broadcast via the satellite Amos-3 (4°W), which belongs to the Israeli operator Spacecom. This is stated in the announcement of the media group’s press office.

Prior to that, the StarLightMedia Group’s channels broadcasted via the satellite Amos-2, which is also located in the orbital slot of 4 degrees, west longitude. The press release points out that in December 2016, there was carried out a simultaneous broadcasting via both satellites.

“The migration was due to the fact that the satellite Amos-2 completes its on-orbit service life. In the autumn of 2016, it was scheduled to move to another Spacecom’s satellite Amos-6, but the launcher Falkon-9, which was supposed to put it into orbit, exploded. As a result of negotiations with the owner of satellites, it was decided to move to Amos-3”, as the media group’s announcement states.

New satellite broadcasting parameters for the StarLightMedia’s channels are as follows:
Satellite Amos-3 (4°W)
Frequency: 11175 MHz, polarization: horizontal, symbol rate: 30000 Mbit/sec, FEC: 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK

Earlier, the migration of TV channels from the space vehicle Amos-2 to the communications satellite Astra 4A (4.8° E) was reported by the 1+1 Media Group.

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