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Lanet Turns off Channels of the Inter Media Group

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The telecom operator “Lanet” that provides TV and Internet access services to the residents of some districts of Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Severodonetsk, Kalush, Kamenetz-Podolsk, and some other localities, announced the list of TV channels to replace the turned off channels of the Inter Media Group .

“Because of giving up cooperation with the Inter Media Group, “Lanet” has no more reason to go on broadcasting the following TV channels: Inter, NTN, K1, K2, Mega, Pixel, Zoom, Enter-Film and Euronews”, as stated in the provider’s announcement, published in the social network Facebook.

The announcement also points out that in the package /CORE, the Inter Media Group’s channels will be replaced by BBC, Channel Z and Televsesvіt. At the same time, after replacing the above channels, the package /BAZA will be completed by the following ones: DocuBox, FashionBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox, Nick Junior, Sony SET, Sony Sci-Fi, Fine Living, Travel+Adventures and TV1000 Russian cinema.

Let us recall that at the end of past year, “Lanet” reached an agreement with all Ukrainian TV holdings. The exception was the Inter Media Group, the channels of which were mutually agreed to go on broadcasting until January 10. Yesterday, the media group stated that despite the agreed terms of cooperation, “Lanet” refused to sign the contract at the last moment.

In early December 2016, the media groups articulated to the cable operators the price for rebroadcasting their channels. The changes in rebroadcasting terms entered into force on 1 January 2017, along with the new law, i.e. the draft law No3504 “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” (Specifying Terms and Conditions for Broadcasts of TV and Radio Companies under the Must-Carry Obligations)”, passed by the Verkhovna Rada in October and signed by the President in early November.

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