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Ban Significantly Reduces Rutracker’s Traffic over the Year


The statistics service data of Liveinternet are indicative of above 40% loss of Rutracker views in the past 12 months.
At the end of December 2016, there were recorded 203 million views on Rutracker. At the same time, in December 2015 the number of views was equal to 352 million. If we compare the average daily traffic, there result 6 million views in December 2016 and 11 million ones in December 2015.
In two years, the number of Rutracker visits from the search engines Yandex and Google reduced by over six times, as vc.ru reports.
The daily traffic of the site in Russia decreased by three times, but there increased the number of visits from the United States and the Netherlands, which is, apparently, due to the fact that these countries host the largest number of VPN services to allow the Russians to evade that ban.
According to Liveinternet’s statistics, the monthly number of Rutracker visitors from around the world dropped by more than half over the year of site locking in Russia. In January 2016, this figure was 14.76 million, and it fell to 6.93 million in December. According to Openstat service, the number of Rutracker visitors accounted for 8.41 million in December 2016.
By the way, Rutracker, the largest Russian-language torrent tracker, was shut down for a life-term in January 2016 by the effective ruling of the Moscow City Court .
After site locking in Russia, the administration of Rutracker robbed copyright holders of their rights to remove illegal uploads, as well as bought out more than 100 domain addresses to run “mirrors” in the case of losing the master domain.