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Satellite Media Platform “Orion” Launches an Online Cinema

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The online cinema project was implemented by the company “Orion” in partnership with ivi.ru.

The “Orion” launched a new service “Cinema”, which is available to subscribers of the “Telekarta” satellite TV. This was told by the satellite operator’s press office to the Mediasat’s reporter.

The subscription fee for the “Cinema” is 99 rubles per month with a one-time payment for a year (1188 rubles) and 199 rubles with a fee payment for a month. For this money, subscribers are granted an option to enjoy ivi film library with over 50,000 movies.

The cooperation between the “Orion” and ivi.ru is maintained under revenue sharing terms. Other terms of their agreement are not disclosed.

The access to the “Cinema” is ensured through the OTT service, offered by the operator “Telekarta Online”.

Due to the technology platform “Live Stream”, which served as the basis for OTT service, subscribers can view content simultaneously on the three devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers and Smart TV-sets.

According to media sources, the “Orion” was supposed to launch its online cinema as far back as at the end of last year, but did it just now.

Let us recall that online cinemas were also launched by another two Russian satellite TV operators like “Tricolor TV” and “NTV-PLUS”.

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