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Research: 98% of Russian Youth Use the Internet Daily

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The main driver of the Internet environment transformation is the youth, which is the pioneer in picking up and encouraging new trends.

65% of Russians use the Internet every day. However, if we talk about the young generation, so this figure grows up to 98%. These data are provided by the joint study conducted by Google and Ipsos.

“Users aged 13-24 are the first digital generation, whose growing-up is inextricably tied to technology. In their habits, values and online behavior, they fundamentally differ from the millennials. And most importantly, they spend much more time online than users aged 25-34. In particular, in social networks, watching videos and gaming online”, as stated in the published report.

In Russia, young Internet users always keep in touch. The main communication channel for them is social networks, the most popular of which are VK.com and YouTube. 27% of Russians aged 13-24 spend on social networks more than five hours daily, and a quarter of them check for updates every 30 minutes.

The study also evidences that the young generation in Russia is the visual one, that is, online videos become the main source for them not only to entertain, but also to get quick answers.

Figure 1: Online Interests

Youth aged 13-24 spend much more time online than people in later years (especially in social networks)

Figure 2: Activity in social networks

The most frequent activities: posting photos, commenting and liking statuses and messages

Figure 3: Videos most watched online

Respondents aged 18-21 prove a great variety of interests.

They watch videos with recipes, reviews and exercises more frequently than the youngest audience


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