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According to the Results of the Past Year, the Revenue of the Online Cinema ivi.ru Increased by 50%



The net revenue of the online cinema ivi.ru was RUB 1.6 billion, according to the results of 2016. This is 50% more, against 2015, as reported by the edition “RBC”, referring to the CEO of ivi.ru Oleg Tumanov.

ivi.ru has also released gross income data of RUB 2.1 billion for the first time (reflecting the total payments of users and advertisers for services).

Mr. Tumanov also said that the video service’s revenue first exceeded one billion rubles in 2015. Back then, the growth rate figure was lower than in the present year and amounted to 46%. Moreover, he added that the service’s “paying” audience doubled and amounted to 350 thousand users a month.

The total audience of ivi.ru reached 33 million users a month last year. This is 23% more than in 2015.

In mid-January, the State Duma of Russia adopted the first reading of the draft law prohibiting foreign investors to own more than 20% of audiovisual services with an average daily audience exceeding 100 thousand users throughout Russia or 20 thousand in one region of the country.