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1+1 Media Built Satellite Uplink and is about to Create HD-versions of own Channels

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The 1+1 Media set up its own satellite transmitting station (uplink). The next step towards the holding’s development is to create independent versions of its TV channels in high-definition format (HD). This is stated in the media group’s official press release, a copy of which is available to the Mediasat.

New 1+1 Media’s teleport started operating on March 22. It is located on the premises of the company’s head office, where there is also installed equipment of compression systems, signal generation, control, and the station’s round-clock monitoring service.

The main mission of the uplink is own delivery of TV channels’ signal to the telecom satellite Astra-4A, which is located in the orbital position of 4.8°E.

The press office also specifies that the 1+1 Media is ready to act as a transmitting provider for third-parties.

“The design and installation of the facilities were carried out by Ukrainian professionals from design bureaus, construction and installation firms and integration companies, involving the 1+1 Media’s experts and under their supervision. The project implementation lasted for more than one year”, as the statement says.

The uplink is based on the equipment of four global technology companies like Ericsson, CPI, SatCom Technologies and SatService.

The aerial teleport is adapted to operate in conditions of snowy winters and other bad weather. For this purpose, it uses offset satellite dishes with a diameter of 3.8 meters, equipped with antiicing system.

The key teleport’s equipment has 100% redundancy and supports standards like MPEG2/4, HD/SD, DVB-S/S2.

Among other features, the 1+1 Media’s uplink allows encrypting satellite signal where applicable. For this purpose, it uses a smart card-free conditional access system Verimatrix.

The new satellite station is designed to operate for more than ten years. The payback period is two years.

“Some time ago, we set a goal to gather all the 1+1 Media’s channels on one satellite. Today, we have managed turning this mission into reality and launching our own modern uplink station. Its operation will allow improving the reliability and signal quality of the TV channels of our group and partners. Recently, we have moved channels’ broadcasting to a 16:9 format, next in turn is to create channels’ HD-versions”, as pointed out by Yaroslav Pakholchuk, Executive Director at 1+1 Media.

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