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1+1 International Added to the Package of Russian Channels of the European OTT Platform

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The international version of the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” was incorporated into the “Sky Russian Pack” of the OTT platform OnPrime TV.

The Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 International along with the Russian channels “TNT”, “Bestseller”, “Mult”, “Planet HD”, CTC International, “Domashiy”, “Perets” and TV1000 Russian Cinema is now available to subscribers of the video service OnPrime TV.

The OTT service OnPrime TV was launched by the European pay-TV operator Sky in partnership with the networking equipment manufacturer Cisco. The platform operates in the markets of Great Britain, Italy and Germany.

However, some channels like “Channel One Europe”, “Karusel”, “Vremya”, “Dom kino” and “Music on Channel One” are not available to subscribers in Germany.

The first 30 days of using service are free of charge. The further fee for the service will be 21.99 euros per month in Italy and Germany. For subscribers in the UK, the price is 17.99 pound per month.

Apart from Russian package, the platform offers other channel packs targeted at immigrants from the South Asian and Arab countries.

For the time being, the service operates on media set-top boxes Apple TV3 and Apple TV4. At the same time, Cisco offers prospects of expanding list of compatible devices, as well as providing technical support after OnPrime TV’s entering the markets of other European countries.

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