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TV Channel TNT4 Reorganizes its Broadcast Schedule Following the US Method

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This Saturday, an unprecedented experiment starts on TNT4. The Channel will offer a new format for Russian TV on an innovative broadcast scheduling technology from abroad.

In 2010, two large US TV networks ABC and CBS commissioned the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study the specifics of TV viewing on weekdays and at weekend. The scientists discovered two regularities of content consumption at the weekend: first, a TV-set was run at a higher volume due to noisy companies of friends, relatives and acquaintances’ gathering indoors; Second, people often flipped through the channels in search of interesting and dynamic content. Consequently, it was essential to find a new format of “relationship” between people and their TV-sets on Saturday and Sunday.

Based on the research, a new standard “Video Jointing Your Habitat” was designed and offered to US broadcasters in the next six months.

Video in VJYH standard is more dynamic and saturated, thus it better matches the “mosaic thinking” of today’s TV audience.

The new content distribution method was first applied by US terrestrial TV channels. Seven years later, in March 2017, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology held a Round Table, which summed up broadcast scheduling on VJYH technology. The scientists proved that it was the very reason for the US terrestrial TV channels’ managing to keep their rating advantage over the cable and satellite networks of the country for so long. By the way, Donald Trump’s success in the presidential run was very likely due to that technology, applied in his PR-campaign on the pro-republican TV channels CBS and Fox News.

The interest in the new standard of TV content consumption at the weekend has not been shown by Russian broadcasters yet. TNT4 is the pioneer in Russia to implement this technology on air this Saturday, April 1.

“I learned about this technology for the first time from the report of Shelley Palmer, Brand & Research LTD, at the PROMAX conference held in New York in 2014. Few of Russian colleagues drew attention to it at that time. And how wrong they were! TNT4 is the first to apply the VJYH scheduling method. This is a revolution on Russian TV!”, as stated by Gavriil Gordeyev, CEO at TNT4 TV Channel.

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