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Kazakhstan Launched DTH Platform Using HEVC Codec

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The satellite TV platform of the “Almatel” Company started its full operation on the Kazakhstan’s market. This is reported by local mass media.

In Kazakhstan, the users of satellite dishes got an option to connect to the services of a pay-TV operator that operates under the trademark Alma TV.

The “Alma TV” was the first on the Kazakhstani TV market to apply HEVC video codec for satellite channels’ broadcasting. This will allow the operator not only to improve the image transfer quality, but also to reserve satellite capacities for future launching TV channels in the Ultra HD standard.

The subscribers are offered three TV packages for 1500 to 3500 tenge per month (≈5-11$). There are totally available about 140 channels, including 30 ones in HD format and one 4K channel.

At present, the “Alma TV”’s subscriber base accounts for 600 thousand subscribers. However, in the next three years, the satellite operator’s top-managers are looking forward to attracting about 150 thousand new subscribers due to launching new channels in ultra-high definition format.

The platform operates on board of the space vehicle KazSat-3, located in the orbital slot of 58.5 degrees east longitude. The signal upload to the satellite is the responsibility of the “Republican Center of Space Communication”.

Due to starting satellite project, the “Almatel” became the only company on the Kazakhstan’s telecom market that provides all TV services, i.e. analog and digital cable broadcasting, satellite TV and IPTV.

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