Home Telecommunication “NTV-PLUS” Leases Additional Satellite Capacities from a French Operator

“NTV-PLUS” Leases Additional Satellite Capacities from a French Operator

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The company “NTV-PLUS” got a chance to cover the whole territory of the Russian Federation due to signing long-term contracts with a French operator to lease several transponders ensuring broadcasting from the orbital position of 140 degrees east longitude to the Far East areas of the country and to expand the usage of the position of 56 degrees east longitude for broadcasting to Siberia.

The Russian broadcaster “NTV-PLUS”, which represents a platform with original premium pay-TV channels, has improved signal coverage of Siberia, and also expanded its broadcasting to the Far East areas of the country due to concluding contracts with its long-standing partner Eutelsat Communications to use the capacities of two satellites.

By launching broadcasts to new areas, the “NTV-PLUS” reached its goal of full signal coverage of the Russian Federation, which would allow all country’s residents to enjoy a wide variety and quality of digital TV content. This expansion followed the decision of the Federal Tender Commission of Russia, adopted earlier this year, which authorized the “NTV-PLUS” to start broadcasting to the Pacific coast of the country.

The “NTV-PLUS” signed a long-term contract with the Eutelsat to lease several transponders, which provides for using the satellite Express-AT2, located in the orbital position of 140 degrees east longitude, to broadcast to the Far East areas of Russia, as well as expanding the usage of the satellite Express- AT1 in the orbital position of 56 degrees east longitude to improve the coverage of Siberia.

The platform “NTV-PLUS”, which started its operation 20 years ago, actually offers more than 240 niche TV channels to its subscribers, including those broadcasting in high-definition standard (the number of which is steadily growing). The platform’s offering contains 42 TV channels, 11 of which offer exclusive premium sports content.

The CEO of “NTV-PLUS” Mikhail Demin says: “Our common goal is to set the highest standards of modern satellite television. Today, the “NTV-PLUS” Company’s broadcasting coverage is 100% of Russia with over 145 million residents. For us, this expansion is not only associated with our ambitions of business expansion, but also carries a social mission to be completed in cooperation with our partners from the Eutelsat”.

The CEO of Eutelsat Rodolphe Belmer adds: “We are pleased with this opportunity to continue our above 20-year cooperation with NTV-Plus, and we are also glad that the unique capabilities of our satellites can ensure the full coverage of the Russian Federation and allows delivering digital TV signal to all households whatever their geographic location”.

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