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US Media Holding Acquires Animated Series of Russian Production



The agreement on acquiring cartoon rights was signed by the Discovery Corporate Services Limited, a part of the Discovery Communications, and the “Signal Media”, engaged in international sales of “Digital Television”’s content.

The US media holding Discovery Communications acquired from the Russian company “Digital Television” the rights to show animated cartoons “Mi-mi-mishki” (Be-be-bears) and “Bumazhki” (Paper Tales). The Mediasat was informed about it by the “Digital Television”’s press office.

The Discovery plans to broadcast this content on its own children’s channel DKids, which operates in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

The channel will show the total of 104 series of “Mi-mi-bears” and 78 series of “Paper Tales” dubbed in Arabic. These cartoons will be also available on the “video-on-demand” services, launched by the Discovery in that region.

The deal value remained undisclosed.

Let us recall that in 2016, the company “Digital Television” translated 6 sets of Russian cartoons into 10 world’s languages, including Arabic, English, Chinese and Hindi. Apart from “Mi-mi-bears” and “Paper Tales”, there were dubbed “Volshebny Fonar” (Magic Lantern), “Arkady Parovozov races to the rescue” (Rolando Locomotov), “Leo and Tig” (Leo & Tig) and “Skazochny Patrul” (Fantasy Patrol).