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The Rating of the Ukrainian Internet Operators and market trends according to E&C

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After interviewing the key market players, the consulting group “Expert & Consulting” conducted a BBA market research. The research resulted in drafting an integral rating* of key players. The rating covered top-10 companies in terms of number of subscribers.

The leader of the rating was the company “Fregat”, followed by “Lanet” and “Ukrtelecom”.

* The rating is evaluative. E&C reserves the right to revise this rating. The total score in the integral rating is the sum of the equal-weighted scores of the operators in all categories. The operator’s score in certain category represents a percent of the operator’s figure in this category of the maximum figure in the same category, rounded to one decimal place. The operator’s position in this category is a sequence number of the score in the given category, rounded from the highest to the lowest one. The sources for determining the company’s performance are the operator polls and/or the E&C Group’s estimates.

According to the E&C Group’s estimates (www.encint.com), the dynamics of revenue and subscriber base in key segments is as follows:

The broadband market revenue grew by 7% and the subscriber base increased by 1% over the year.

Anatoly Frolenkov, Managing Partner at Expert & Consulting, commented on the primary market trends to the Mediasat:

“The positive dynamics is observed in the companies that acquired other operators. The organic subscriber base growth has slowed down significantly. The prices for services have risen.

The market leaders have focused on providing integral solutions to maximize satisfaction of their customers. Given the market specifics, an increasingly greater attention is paid to subscriber loyalty and retention. Many companies are sizing up network modernization. For example, these are “Triolan” and other operators.

Because of the crisis, the innovative segments like “smart home” and video surveillance have receded into the background.

Providers are now looking forward to concessions of media groups, at least in the form of additional services like HD broadcasting, advertising barter etc.

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