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DIVAN.TV Improves Streaming Video Quality

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The DIVAN.TV service’s users can now watch their favorite films and TV channels in improved image quality.

On premium HD channels, which are available in the tariff packages “Prestizhny”, ‘VIP” and “Filmovy + HD”, the DIVAN.TV increased the bitrate and optimized the flow of transmitted data batches, which allowed improving video image quality by half.

This optimization will allow the DIVAN.TV subscribers to watch HD channels with improved image on any device, i.e. from mobile devices to Smart TV-sets with a maximum diagonal.

The new image quality is already available in all service areas: both on air and in favorite indirect TV shows and films, which are stored in the “TV Archive”.

The DIVAN.TV also upgraded its equipment, which allowed improving image quality on standard- definition channels (SD).

“The DIVAN.TV is constantly improving quality of service in all its areas. The service operates and is available in more than 200 countries around the world, so that it is so important to meet the global standards for high-definition television”, as stated by Evgeny Kutsarsky, Product Director at DIVAN.TV.

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